Stylish Haircuts for Men over 40

A hairstyle is one of the most important part of grooming for men. A fine haircut can make you an attractive looking, charming gentleman. However, maintaining and grooming yourself become much harder as you age. During this time, your hairstyle gains a lot more value as it becomes the one thing that defines your look.

the best hairstyles over 40s

As a young man, you can grow your hair or keep it as short as you like, but when you cross the 40 mark, it tends to become much harder. You can maintain your hair or even grow it out; doing both simultaneously an be a bit trickier when you are in your 40’s.

Don’t worry though; we have the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems, including what is the best haircut for men over 40. The below-given haircuts will give you the simple yet elegant look you are looking for. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.


Best Haircuts for Men over 40

The following are the 5 best haircuts for men over 40:


Faded Lineup

Faded Lineup is one of the 5 best haircuts for men over 40, and here’s the reason why? In their 40s, many men don’t have much hair left, and that’s because of the hair products they used.


Faded Lineup can cover your head and give you a classic look, but to make it look more professional, you should have a medium-range excellently trimmed beard. We recommend using the best product for your hair even if you are not in your 40’s and want to look trendier and stylish in your 40’s.

Suave and Slicked-Back

Suave and Slicked-Back haircut is one of the trendier haircuts in 2021. You might have noticed many men in their 40’s have picked this haircut as one of the 5 best haircuts for men over 40.

slicked back hair over 40s

The look it creates is priceless; add a clean or rough shave with it, and you got the hot and sexy look people want in their 40’s. This hairstyle is usually good for people with medium-range hair.

The Short Cesar

This is one of the haircuts you must know before or in your 40’s. As mentioned above, you need a haircut that you can easily maintain in your 40’s. The short Cesar is the haircut, which is easy to maintain, yet somehow it makes people look more graceful in their 40’s.

Long Layers

If you have long hair in your 40’s, you must have taken good care of your hair. Long Layer is our fourth pick for the 5 best haircuts for men over 40. The right words to define this haircut are modish and voguish. Get this haircut in your 40’s to surprise people around you with your looks.

Long and Tousled

Long and Tousled is the signature hairstyle of actor Joe Manganiello. This haircut will hide your real age and give you an ultra-modern yet sophisticated look you need in your 40’s.


The above-given haircuts can hide your real age and will make you look a lot younger. Try these haircuts this fall to completely change your looks in your 40’s.

Follow the trend

If you are looking for the tips and the 5 best haircuts for men over 40, then you have to follow the trend stay up to date. You will find a lot of actors in their 40’s with a great head of hair, and their haircuts might work for you too.

Best Products

You must use the best products for your hair while you can – because sooner than later, you will end up in a (haircut) situation where you won’t have much of a choice while getting a haircut.

Hair products and especially good hair products play an important role in keeping your hair healthy and long. Best products/high-quality products might cost you a little bit extra than your budget, but in the long run, it’s worth it, at least if you want to look trendier in your 40’s.

Bonus Tips

Almost every man looks after his hair and uses the best product available, but when it comes to choosing a haircut, we all search for What is the best haircut for men over 40?

mens hair over 40s

If you look closely at the above-give haircuts, you will find two things in common. The first one is they are for men in their 40’s or over 40’s, and each haircut is different from the other. For those who want a straight answer for What is the best haircut for men over 40? The answer is Suave and Slicked-Back haircut.

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Stylish Haircuts for Men over 40

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