10 Styling Products Every Barber Should Have In His Shop (For Service and Selling)

Barbers have accepted one fact: a lot of men suck in grooming. They find it hard to style their hair or maintain their beard. Some of them tend to associate styling with a very “feminine” act that they aren’t supposed to be doing. But beyond this gender stereotype, men would actually benefit from spending time on their looks. This is the same reason why I ranked some styling products every barber should have both for servicing and selling. After using a specific product, they can recommend it to the customer for added income.

Barbers have the choice to stock up on these products for their own supply or for retail purposes. Whatever it is, this will surely make a difference in their barbering services.

For Styling Service:

1. Dry Shampoo

Some men would think that dry shampoo is only for women. It’s a big NO! Men aren’t supposed to wash their hair every day since it will strip the nutrients and make it dry. Barbers can use a dry shampoo instead to keep the hair of the customer healthy and far from damage. This product will stop too much oil production and add hold to the styling the barber will do.

One of the best options for barbershops is the Suave Professionals Keratin Infused Dry Shampoo. It’s a five-ounce bottle that works for all hair types and keeps the hair smooth and fresh for the day. Since it contains keratin, there would be added nourishment on the hair even during washing. The Suave dry shampoo will extend the hold of hairstyles and maintain the volume necessary for the look. It’s one of the styling products every barber should have every day.

styling products every barber should have

Make sure to spray this about eight inches away from the hair of the customer for best results. Also, you’ll save a lot of dry shampoo if you’ll spray it in short bursts. Comb the hair to blend the shampoo and to keep the hair from looking gray.

2. Pomade

Pomade is so far one of the staples of hairstyling for men. It’s almost synonymous to “hairstyle” since it works on medium-length hair and even longer ones. Aside from the classic shiny finish, pomades have grown into a variety of looks including a matte, less shiny ones. The important thing here is that no matter what you choose, get one with a very mild scent. Opt for the odorless type if possible since your customers will have varying opinions about the aroma of your products. This will also allow you to use one product for all.

My best bet for pomades is the Imperial Barber Classic Pomade. It boasts an industrial strength hold that’s easy to apply evenly. This is water-based so there’s no worry about an acne breakout or difficulty of rinsing. This Imperial Barber has a semi-shiny finish, one of the styling products every barber should have for a semi-shiny finish.

In case your customer wants to restyle their hair after the session, they can damp their hair with a bit of water. The pomade will be re-activated and ready to be styled without the need for another application.

3. Hair-Building Fiber

Hair-building fiber isn’t the one found on your veggies. It’s a special hairstyling product that’s creating a rave among stylists due to its ability to make the hair look thicker in an instant. Like hair pomade, it can be applied to the hair for a fuller look, however, the thickening effect would only be temporary. Once you rinse your hair, it’s gone. Anyway, it’s a sought-after product from barbers especially for men who are going to a special event.

Just take note that you should apply a hair fiber product once you’re done styling. You can’t re-comb the hair with fiber; otherwise, it will be a tangled mess since the fiber will bond with the strands. It’s one of the styling products every barber should have but applied with care.

The best find for a fiber product like this is the TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers. It has statically-charged keratin protein that allows the fibers to intertwine on the strands of the hair, giving it a thicker look. The TOPPIK fiber doesn’t wear off even under strong winds or perspiration. Although it has a pretty strong hold, TOPPIK can be rinsed using a regular shampoo.

styling products every barber should have

4. Forming Cream

Forming creams are usually used to maintain the volume of the hair and give the locks a moderate shine. This type of styling product also gives off a medium hold to allow the hair to move naturally without losing the style. For new customers, this would be an excellent starting product if they find jarful of pomades intimidating.

A lot of men use hair creams in personal styling because it’s easy to apply and it doesn’t give them the very eye-catching pomade look. Forming creams are best applied on damp hair so the product won’t dry in clumps on certain spots.

Nothing beats the American Crew Forming Cream if you’re looking for one. It gives a medium hold and a medium shine for a moveable finish. The excellent feature of this forming cream is it will apply evenly on both dry and damp hair. It’s also water-based and your customer can get rid of it after a short shower.

This American Crew product will work well on thick, coarse hair and even during the winter season. It’s definitely one of the styling products every barber should have.

5. Beard Products

One thing that barbershops shouldn’t miss on their equipment is a complete set of beard grooming products. Some men are vainer when it comes to their beard than their hair. If you have a nice selection of beard products, you’re likely to get more customers than traditional barbershops.

Facial hair isn’t like the hair on top of a person’s head. It requires a different care since the skin beneath is far more sensitive. You can use a beard shampoo for the head hair but you can’t use the usual hair shampoo for the beard. There are also oils and balms applied to facial hair to maintain its softness.

If you want a package that has the staples, check out the Beardsley In The Box Beard Care Gift Set.  It has a beard shampoo, conditioner, oil, and lotion for total beard care. As one of the styling products every barber should have, the shampoo comes in two bottles of different aromas namely wild berries and cantaloupe.

styling products every barber should have

The Beardsley merchandises don’t have any animal by-products so your customers are safe. It doesn’t have almond extracts either in case you’re worried about allergies.

For Selling:

1. Beard Oil Conditioner

Most men wouldn’t spend on hair products, but they would surely want to maintain their beard. For them, a well-kept beard gives them a more masculine vibe. You can exploit this opportunity to recommend a certain product you’re selling. It’s added profit for you especially if you have built a steady clientele for the products you’re retailing.

One of this is the beard oil conditioner. It’s a must-have for those with burly beards and mustaches. It tames frizzy facial hair while keeping it soft for styling. Since it’s oil, the product will also give off a mild shine on the beard.

You can consider selling the Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner. This is unscented, best for customers who aren’t fond of citrusy aromas. As one of the styling products every barber should have, the ingredients of this product are organic starting from the blend of jojoba and argan oil.

A single application will already last a whole day and it will help in removing beard dandruff and flaking. It comes in very affordable one-ounce bottles that are easy to sell to your customers.

2. Styling Cream

You can’t expect all men to apply pomade as sleek as you do as their barber. After giving them a haircut, you can recommend a styling cream they can use to maintain the look. More often, this selling point works like magic, especially if the customer is having a hard time keeping his crown organized. Styling creams are less intimidating and can be used for any look given that the hold and shine are mild.

Creams like this come in small containers that can be kept on small purses or even the pocket of the customer. It’s a great introductory product for a client so he will keep coming back for his supply.

The Smooth Viking Hairstyling Clay for Men is a good option since it has a matte finish and a fairly strong hold. This is the best cream for customers who are into active sports and tends to sweat more. It gives the hair more volume and it will help tame cow licks and frizz on short hair without the need for a lot of re-application. One of the best styling products every barber should have, I must say.

styling products every barber should have

3. Beard Shampoo

Like the hair, beards also need regular washing to remove grimes and oil build-up. But your customer shouldn’t use any other shampoo. Regular shampoo used for the hair can be abrasive when used on the beard. It can dry the skin beneath and cause more frizz and flaking in the long run. This is why a separate beard shampoo is needed at your shop.

It’s hard to convince a customer to purchase a whole set of beard grooming products. Still, you can start by offering it individually. Aside from the beard oil, one of the basics is a beard shampoo. Those who are maintaining a long manly mane would surely consider getting one.

The Polished Gentleman Beard Thickening Shampoo is great to sell on your shop. It will attract customers who want to add volume to their facial hair. Each bottle comes in 8-ounce quantities which are enough to last for a month or so.

As from being a shampoo, this product also contains different essential oils like argan, tea tree, and manuka oil for a better beard look. It’s one of the styling products every barber should have in their shops.

4. Beard Balm

After cleansing the beard with shampoo, another option customers have is applying a beard balm. Not everyone is a fan of shave oils, so this product would be an excellent, less greasy alternative. It can soften rogue beards and provide nourishment to already soft ones. Beard balm is like a beard oil in a waxy state that helps aid flaking and dryness on the facial hair and the skin beneath.

Beard balms are favoured by some who find oil application messy. It can also be used for mild styling, but not as much as the beard cream does. Beard balms will also make your beard appear thicker.

You can never go wrong with the Honest Amish Beard Balm. This is an all-natural balm made of different nourishing ingredients like virgin argan oil, apricot kernel oils, avocado, and more. Once applied, it will give a fuller, deeper-colored look on the facial hair sans the overpowering smell. It has a very mild licorice odor that will wear off in a few minutes. Although this will make the beard manageable, it’s not a product for stimulating beard growth.

styling products every barber should have

5. Texture Paste

If you have a customer with very unmanageable hair, recommending a texture paste product is excellent. Unlike pomades and creams, texture pastes are softer to touch but strong on hold. This will allow a customer to sport a certain hairstyle for long without the need to re-apply styling products. It works awesomely for very short hair but without hardening the crown like a gel or hairspray. Most texture paste can be restyled after application.

If you’re looking for one to sell on your shop, the Rodante Texture Paste will be an excellent option. It’s made with natural ingredients like the nourishing coconut and argan oils. The Rodante paste doesn’t have any alcohol content and it bears a refreshing odor that’s not overpowering. The finish of this paste is semi-matte for a natural look.

What do you think of these styling products every barber should have? Let us know below!

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10 Styling Products Every Barber Should Have In His Shop (For Service and Selling)

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