Barber Kits To Get You Started On Your Styling

Having a professional barber starter kit is the first step to mastering the basics of the craft. It takes some tools to put tips and techniques into practice. It’s important to kits that will give you value for money no matter how small or massive it is in terms of accessories and individual pieces.

The rule of thumb, if you have zero tools, is to get a set with the basic scissors, clippers, and razors. These are staples and indispensable if you want to produce seamless haircuts in the fastest time possible. You don’t have to break your bank just to get a set or two, you just have to make sure that your options are of high quality.

Here, I created a roundup of nine barber and haircutting sets for you to peruse. Check which set will be the best buy for you:

1. Wahl Pro Complete Haircutting Kit and Accessories

Clippers are important tools when you are a barber. It makes excellent graduated haircuts with smooth fades and texture. If you’re looking for the best pick, I suggest that you consider the Wahl Pro Complete Haircutting Kit and Accessories. It’s complete with an electronic clipper with different clips sizes, hair clips, combs, brush, scissors, and nose trimmers.

The clippers add precision to your barbering service as it comes with color-coded clips so you can adjust without worrying if you got the size right. It’s also a low-noise model but a corded one, just in case you’re worried about the sound. Also, the clipper will only work on the U.S. 115 V so you would have to use an adapter if you’re travelling. From mustache, nose hair, and the crown, you have a complete professional barber starter kit on this Wahl Pro package.

For approximately $31, this is already value for money for a beginner barber. It covers most of the staple tools except for one: a nice piece of razor. Nevertheless, it’s not much of a deal-breaker for such a neat set that comes in a plastic case.

professional barber starter kit

2. ELFINA Scissors and Comb Kit

In case you want to start with a smaller kit, nothing beats what the ELFINA Scissors and Comb Kit can offer. It will give you two shears, (one for cutting and one for thinning), a grooming comb, a pair of stainless steel hairclips, and a free nylon and leather protective case. The ELFINA set isn’t the most glamorous kit you can find, but this is value for money if you only have a budget of no more than $15.

The shears are made from stainless steel that’s enough to stay sharp for a long time. You can choose between two blue or pink for the handles’ rubber gasket. This part will reduce the friction on your fingers when you’re snipping fast or attending to numerous clients.  The ergonomics are simple but it really makes a difference compared to full-metal cutters. However, take note that these are right-handed shears.

For such a price, it’s easy to think that this set is a dud. But looking from the way the shears performed on both dry and wet hair, you’re paying less for more. And I guess that’s what everyone would want for a professional barber starter kit.

3. Purple Dragon Japan Shears Set

Some barbers won’t give a damn about their tools’ look. As long as it does the job, there’s no problem with it. But if you’re someone (like me) who wants to add more value to each cutting piece, you would love to purchase the Purple Dragon Japan Shears Set. The fact that it’s made from the land of Samurais is an assurance that your blades are sharper than any other piece you can see in the market.

This Purple Dragon set comes with both thinning and cutting shears. The two pieces are for right-handed use so if you’re a lefty, you might want to browse the other offers. Take note that these barbering tools come in black and not red as stated in its marketing title.

The set comes with a pair of combs and oil sealed in a classy leather case. If you’re ordering outside of U.S. take note that the shears oil won’t be included since the liquid isn’t allowed for international transport.

Overall, you’ll get an excellent set of shears but a cheap pair of combs. Anyway, it’s not the reason why you’ll purchase this professional barber starter kit.

professional barber starter kit

4. Wahl Barber Clippers 30-Piece Set

Wahl is no doubt one of the famous brands in the haircutting and barbering industry. True enough, their 30-Piece Set is to die for if you want to have a complete toolkit on a single purchase. It comes with the usual clipper, beard trimmer, personal trimmer, clipper clips, shaves, razors, and more. The pieces here are basic tools which are a must-have for a barber who’s just starting out his business.

The blades of the cutting equipment here are made of high-carbon steel blades that stay sharp even under regular use. But like the first Wahl Pro set I reviewed earlier, the electronic clipper would only work on U.S electrical outlets. Meanwhile, the personal trimmer has a special rotating head best for trimming nasal and ear hairs.

This Wahl toolset is all about precision for the lowest price possible. Can you imagine getting all of these for less than $35? As you see, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars just to acquire reliable equipment. You’ll also get a free bag to store every piece for travel or safe-keeping. Another bonus is the English/Spanish instruction guide inside the professional barber starter kit.

5. Sminiker Professional Haircut Kit

Cordless hair clippers are heaven-sent for barbers who are having a hard time navigating with a long wire in tow. This is exactly what the Sminiker Professional Haircut Kit will give you. It’s a heavy-duty equipment made with barbers in mind since it gives better control while in use. It also bears an R-shaped edge to avoid cutting the skin of the client.

The best part of the clippers you’ll get on this set are the titanium blades combined with ceramic for a long-lasting sharpness. It won’t rust easily too and you can use it regularly without the need for too much maintenance. The Sminiker clipper only produces a quiet 50db sound so even the kids won’t be afraid to have a new haircut. The clipper comes with six guide clips for a variety of styles.

On this package, you’ll also get a stainless steel pair of shears as well as two rechargeable batteries for the clippers. There’s also a small cleaning brush to keep your equipment ready for the next client.

Stylists who purchased this professional barber starter kit attest to its salon-quality even for less than $30.

professional barber starter kit

6. Andis Easy 20-Piece Haircutting Kit

If you’re looking for an electronic clipper that you can use while travelling, the Andis Easy 20-Piece Haircutting Kit is the one for you. It has 75% more power than other rotary clippers you probably used in the past. The Andis Easy clipper will work on 120V outlet with a maximum of 2900 SPM. Its blades have a self-sharpening feature but totally safe even for kids and those with sensitive skin.

The rotary clipper comes with eight attachments including right and left ear tapers so you can nail that fade with ease. There’s also a simple pair of shears for trimming but not really best for finishing or texturizing.

On the package, you’ll also find a set of combs for styling, tapering, and safety. To maintain the performance of the shears, there’s a vial of oil and a durable storage case for everything.

Andis is known among professional barbers due to its precise and durable barbering tools. Individually, their clippers are expensive and can be as much as $80 for the most elite piece. But in this professional barber starter kit, you’ll get everything for just $20 or less. All with the same high quality.

7. Chiulan Haircutting Shears Set

Barbers consider their cutters as an arsenal for beauty. Some of them would prefer a set that embodies the aesthetics they want to create for every client. Take Chiulan Haircutting Shears Set for example. It bears a rainbow-like iridescent color on its 440C tapered stainless steel. This has a high level of sharpness and accuracy in styling the hair.

Each of these two shears has engravings on the handle for a better grip and less strain while in use. The handles also have a unique design to cradle the fingers properly. These Chiulan shears have a smooth steel surface that doesn’t trap hair between the blades.

The shears have an individual weight of 0.12 pounds each but with Rockwell hardness of 60 HRC. Aside from the shears, you’ll also get a cleaning cloth, faux leather case, a hairpin, and a hairbrush comb.

For less than $30, these two shears can pit with pieces that cost as much as $200. Although it’s not the sharpest shears you can find (not Samurai level for those expecting too much), this professional barber starter kit will work well on salons and shops.

professional barber starter kit

8. WARMLIFE Haircutting and Grooming Set

Are you looking for a set complete enough to have someone right on your styling chair? I can bet on the basics once you purchase the WARMLIFE Haircutting and Grooming Set. It has a cordless clipper, barber’s cape, 8 clipper attachments, cleaning brush, a battery, two scissors, a recharging transformer, and a storage bag. Once you unbox all these, your first client (say, a friend) is ready to get his new haircut.

The tools included in the WARMLIFE package works in almost every hair type and length. It can provide a variety of styles including the famous fade and blending. You can actually go as close as 0.8mm on the shave using your clippers.

The clipper blade on this package has an R-shaped style to prevent it from directly scraping the skin. If you’re traveling, the WARMLIFE clipper would be the best pick since it’s rechargeable and the charger can work in voltages from 120 V to 240V. One battery would run for as much as 240 minutes which is long enough for a dozen clients. You know what’s the best part? This professional barber starter kit would be yours for as low as $26.

9. Smith King Professional Black Haircutting Set

I know that massive kits like the one I reviewed earlier are a bit intimidating for a newbie barber. If you want to start small and with reliable tools, never miss the Smith King Professional Black Haircutting Set. The 6-inch thinning and cutting scissors are made from 6CR13 stainless steel that bears a strong 56 HRC. Each of the two scissors has an anti-collision bumper at the end for less snipping noise. It also helps maintain the quality of scissors from constant friction.

Take note that the thinning scissors on this package have 15-25% thinning rate with a convex edge. Both cutters are made for right-handed use and are reliably sharp.

Aside from that, you’ll get a basic comb, thinning comb, cleaning cloth, a case, and a vial of oil. However, there’s a chance that the oil might not be included on the package if you’re outside U.S. Some international packages aren’t allowed to contain such liquid stuff. Anyway, feel free to inquire to the seller to confirm this.

The matte black set can be bought for approximately $25 or less.

If you’re an aspiring stylist, you should have a professional barber starter kit to use for practice. The sets I listed here are all value for money depending on what you’re looking for and the budget that you can shell out. Also, the sets are varying in sizes and pieces so you’ll surely find one that complements your needs. Which one do you find helpful? Let us know of your choice below in the comment section!

Barber Kits To Get You Started On Your Styling

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