How to be a better barber with lots of Clientele?

If you want to be blunt, then you can say that being a barber is one of the most challenging jobs/businesses these days. Understanding your clients, being calm and cool minded, and satisfying your clients high expectation’s are some of the tasks a barber does daily.

To be honest with you, every job or business is hard when you don’t know its tips and tricks. Today, we will talk about some Barber tips that will make you a way better barber than you are right now. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


First Impression is what matters most

Let’s start with the impression. You might have heard the famous quote, “First Impression is the Last Impression.” This quote works both ways. When a customer enters your Barbershop, he or she should be impressed with the way your shop is decorated, the setting of your tools, the way you are dressed, etc.

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As mentioned, it works both ways, so the impression you get from a customer depends on how they react to your questions regarding haircuts, etc. The first impression you get from a customer doesn’t matter at all because now they are in your shop, and it’s your job to provide a top class service.

Satisfy your customer’s requirements and treat them well. This is how you make your first good impression. Now when a customer enters your Barbershop, don’t judge him by his looks or the way he talks because every customer who enters your shop is a potential client. Every time a customer goes into a shop, he will always keep his guard up so, don’t be afraid to answer questions or ask questions to clarify things before you start.

For example, if a male customer walks into your shop to get his beard trimmed and asks you a simple question, what products should I use for my beard? This is your cue; you should utilize it and give the best answer possible to satisfy his question.


The question is quite simple, but the answer isn’t you should be ready for questions like what products should I use for my beard or the best beard oils or the best hair creams because clients will always take your opinion while choosing the best products for their hair or beard.


Quality of Work

Doctor, Lawyer, and Barber are the three people who are not a one-time deal. People always return to their first doctor, lawyer, and Barber if they require additional work.

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Keep this in mind, and treat your customers accordingly. The service you offer to a first-timer should be perfect in every way, and you know what else can make it better? A free cleansing or any other type of free service to impress your client.


High-Quality Products

Use high-quality products in your Barbershop. Using low-quality products might save you some money, but honestly, it won’t matter much if you want to establish your business. The first rule in establishing your business is to provide the best service and best products available.

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The service you will provide and the products you will use will determine whether that client is becoming a permanent client or not. This is the modern era, and almost everybody knows about everything, so expect your client to know the current best products available in the market. Use the best beard oil, best tools, best scissors, best beard cream, etc.

Answering their Queries

Always answer your clients’ questions. However, it depends on the situation and the question he asks. But keep in mind that a grown man is always trying to find the best products for grooming.

He is always searching for what products should I use for my beard or the best grooming products? Answering their queries is one of the duties you perform as a modern Barber. It would be best to stay updated on the best products available in the market; this will also make an outstanding impression on your client.

Bonus Tip

As mentioned above, you must know about every best hair and beard products. The best thing to do as a Barber is to keep one or two of the best oils and hair creams at your shop for sale. This way, you can make extra profit as a Barber, and you will also be able to provide the best products that you recommend ad use for your clients.

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How to be a better barber with lots of Clientele?

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