12 Haircut Ideas For Young Boys and Toddlers (And Tips To Make It Work)

If there are guys who are very fascinating to style, it would be the little ones. Giving them a new hairstyle accentuates their cute faces. Although it could be a bit challenging to keep their fears away from the clipper, having some haircut ideas for young boys and toddlers is surely an edge on your barber service. It’s every parent’s joy to have their boys transform into little gentlemen with the right styling and a mix of spunk.

One style that would come in mind if you’re about to style a little boy is a spiky, gel-frozen look. Although this looks awesome, it doesn’t fit all boys, not to mention their parents’ dislike of it. Having the ability to show the suave among little boys is a barber’s talent. Another thing is finishing the haircut without a clipped ear or a squealing session.

Aside from the potential tantrums that may take place, another challenge of barbering a toddler is the smaller crown. You have to scale down from the usual lush head of hair to a smaller one with possible thinner layers.

On this post, we will give samples of haircuts you can offer your clients plus some tips on how to give a toddler a hairstyle with little hassle.

1. Faded Quiff with Shape Up

If the parents want to give their little boy a suave cut, offer the faded quiff with shape up style. This starts by lining the scalp and the edges of the crown. The sides will then be faded in a high manner. This haircut’s highlight is the line out that separates the top quiff form the one side. Once the top is trimmed in a moderate length (not too short), the front hair will be combed in a quiff to show the shape up done earlier.

To unleash the edgy look on this haircut, it will be styled with a gel or a cream. It’s one of the very polished haircut ideas for young boys and toddlers.

haircut ideas for young boys and toddlers

2. Patterned Waves

For boys with a round head and thick locks, the patterned waves would be a great option. The sides would be clipped for a tapered look. Some barbers prefer not to expose the scalp since it will make the round head bigger. The top hair would be left with a substantial length to be blow dried and combed in a perfect, wavy texture. There could also be a circular pattern on the crown.

It’s important to keep the volume around the head so the little kid will retain its masculine look. Although it looks like a high maintenance cut, it can be worn every day.

3. Crop with a Twist

Kids with thick hair would look good on the crop with a twist haircut. It’s an edgy choice and a fuller crown would make it possible to shape up the scalp lines and fade the sides. The back and sides of this haircut are cut short and the top is maintained with a moderately short hair that’s tousled for texture.

As one of the haircut ideas for young boys and toddlers, it gives an edgy look that’s easy to maintain and style for everyday wear. Those with a darker skin color would suit this best.

4. Comb-over

If the kid has a round or oval shaped face, the classic comb-over would look good. It’s a clean option for parents plus it won’t remove too much hair like an undercut or a fade. The hair is tapered on this cut for a layer of hair and texture for boys with an active lifestyle. The sides are ¼ inch while the edges are tapered to avoid exposing the scalp too much.

The front hair will be combed in a quiff with the entire top being brushed to one side as a classic comb-over. A clay pomade is needed to maintain this look.

5. Short Mohawk

In case the parents want the Mohawk without giving the grandparents a heart attack, you can go with the short Mohawk haircut. Any hair type and face shape can wear this haircut as long as they are edgy enough (or if the parents want it badly). The sides would be in a high fade where the hair is isolated on the top. To create a short Mohawk, there should be a substantial length of hair. It shouldn’t be too long either or the spike of the Mohawk would be too high. A blend of pomade and grooming tonic would keep the spike up as one of the haircut ideas for young boys and toddlers.

haircut ideas for young boys and toddlers

6. Little Gent

The Little Gent haircut is a simple, tidy option if the parents want something that’s easy to maintain and low key. All ages would look good on this haircut where the sides are tapered and the top is trimmed. Somehow, it resembles a crew cut among kids that makes this haircut a classic and timeless option. It can be converted into a comb-over when brushed on the sides and styled to have a little quiff.

This haircut can be styled using a light gel or cream to keep the hair in place. With or without styling, this looks clean for a toddler or a young boy.

7. Classic Pomp with Line Out

For older boys with a hefty head of hair, the classic pomp with a line out will be a creative option. It includes a smooth line out in the scalp that isolates the pompadour-like haircut. The sides are faded and the hairline is shaped up for a sleek and handsome look. It’s a vintage option that suits formal occasions and boys with straight and textured tresses.

The sharp lines on this haircut give an edgy addition to the look. Another highlight is the partial pompadour where you’ll need a pomade to maintain. Give it a glossy look and the little boy would be a stunning gentleman in the making.

8. Tapered, Side-Swept

Starting with a ¼-inch fade on the sides and crisp line outs on the scalp and around the ears, this tapered, side-swept haircut is a stunner. The top should have a substantial length of hair so it would be side-swept in a froth quiff. A pomade is also used here to keep the quiff in place and to give it a shiny finish. A part of the quiff is also razored for a refined look as one of the haircut ideas for young boys and toddlers.

Those with straight hair will look good on this hairstyle but if the barber and the right products meet, it can work on any hair. This is a demanding hairstyle that would need styling to look the same as when the kid walked out of the barbershop.

9. Low Fade with Spikes

Similar to the short Mohawk, the low fade with spikes is a popular choice among parents who want to give their child an edgy look. The sides are in a fade and it ends with a semi-line out that isolates the top hair half way. Aside from that, the back is also faded which leaves only the hair on the top. The top hair would then be styled with a gel to look spiky but not in a Mohawk kind of way. It retains the volume on the top instead of the single pressed spike Mohawks used to have.

10. High Curl Fade with Shape Up

For the little ones with curly and thick hair, the high curl fade with shape up is the best option. It starts by shaping up the hairline and then fading the sides and back. A moderate amount of curls would be maintained on the top but the one dangling in the forehead will be removed. Usually, the hairline on this haircut would be faded or razored too.

The high curl fade with shape is easy to maintain. It’s one of the best haircut ideas for young boys and toddlers if the parents are having a hard time styling the curly locks.

haircut ideas for young boys and toddlers

11. Mid Skin Fade Parting with Texture

If you’re familiar with the gentlemen’s haircut, the mid skin fade parting would be easy for you to do. It’s the variation of the former but with a mid-skin fade and optional line outs to isolate the parting from the sides. The hair on the top would then be trimmed while maintaining about three inches in length. This will be parted and combed over to one side. Any boy who has moderate to thick hair will look good on this hairstyle. It’s also easy to style and maintain.

12.Afro Low Burst Fade

For kids with Afro hair, the Afro Low Burst Fade would be a great haircut. The sides and back will be shaped up by low fades while the top hair is also sculpted to resemble a square finish. This will minimize the Afro hair that’s a bit difficult to style. The height of the top hair depends on how much the parents want it to be or how it suits the face shape of the child.

Tips In Executing Haircut Ideas For Young Boys And Toddlers

Older boys or those in the age of 5 and up would be easier to groom and style. The real challenge lies with the toddlers who can be between one to three years of age. They can easily be agitated by the new environment and fear will set into them once they see your sharp scissors.  With that, you can make use of these tips:

1. Offer a private service

Parents appreciate if a barber can go to their house and give their little ones a haircut. This saves you from the familiarization phase that’s quite a trial and error test. When the toddler is at home, he’s in a surrounding he feels safe at. This will be easier for you to condition them to the haircut session.

A private session may cost higher and require you to step out of the shop.

2. Start slow

Let the child have a “warm-up” with you with the assistance of the parents. Don’t pull out your kit right away. Giving a show off of your blades is a guaranteed way to send a toddler crying. Play with the little boy for a few minutes until he’s comfortable with you around.

3. Don’t give out sweets

One of the common mistakes of barbers and stylists is using the reward system with sweets. Pumping up the toddler with sugar before and during the haircut session will cause restlessness. It would be difficult for you, the child, and the parents to achieve the haircut they want for the little one. Not the best way to execute the haircut ideas for young boys and toddlers.

4. Don’t push

Let the child lead on what he wants to be worn. Don’t force the barber’s cape as it will surely become uncomfortable for the toddler. Just place a cloth around his shoulder to ward off the hair you’re going to chop off.

haircut ideas for young boys and toddlers

5. Build trust

Building trust between the child and the stylist is important so you can survive the barbering session with fewer tantrums. If the child is afraid of the scissors, you can ask the parents if you can cut a small portion of their hair to show that it doesn’t hurt. You can also let the child hold some grooming tools like the brush or comb, but not the blades.

6. Goof around

Being funny is the time and tested way to keep a toddler still. No tantrums, no problems. Just don’t send them being too naughty and running around the room. Avoid being very serious when executing haircut ideas for young boys and toddlers. Remember, you’re dealing with a child that will easily cry on the sight of a guy whom he doesn’t know.

7. Explain how things work

If you’re dealing with a child age three and up, you can explain how each equipment work. This is so they won’t be shocked when everything is in the works. You can also ask the parents to be of help in case the boy won’t pay attention.

These haircut ideas for young boys and toddlers are just some that you should know as a barber. It will also help if you’re a parent who’s doing the haircuts of your boys. Just remember that not all haircuts will work on every kid. You still have to factor in their face shape and hair type.

12 Haircut Ideas For Young Boys and Toddlers (And Tips To Make It Work)

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