8 Barber Tools That Will Produce Suave Haircuts

Men differ on their taste about haircuts. Some want a rugged look while others prefer a clean, suave finish. Regardless of what your client wants to achieve, there are essential barber tools you should have to make their requests come to life. The basic clippers, scissors, razors, and combs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating awesome haircuts that will impress anyone who will see it.

If you’re just starting out, you can invest in the basics mentioned above. However, it pays to have more tools to level up the finishing and cutting. It’s like your arsenal during a battle with different hair types and haircuts. You simply can’t be caught empty-handed!

So to help you come up with a checklist on what to buy, I created a short listing of the essentials. You can also access the products directly for easy purchases.

1. Scissors

Scissors are the basic tools for anyone who plans to put up a haircutting business. It’s one of the common equipment for snipping and it’s equally important to get one that does the job. Make sure that you have sharp and reliable scissors that will cut seamlessly and effortlessly.

The type of scissors used in the barbering industry is called shears. This is due to its unique construction where the blades are pivoted and the finger handles vary in sizes. It’s made to give haircuts a nice finish as well as to make it easier for a barber to remove volumes of hair in a quick snip.

One of the best catch for this starter tool is the Equinox Professional Barber Scissors. As one of the essential barber tools you should have, it has a patented design made from Japanese stainless steel. You’ll know an Equinox Professional pair of shears the moment you see its distinctive cradle finger. The shears are 6.5 inches long but very lightweight for its 4.8-ounce weight so you’ll have less hand strain when using it on your clients.

essential barber tools you should have

Take note that not every barber would find it easy to handle the Equinox Professional scissor design. With that, another option you have is the Utopia Care Haircutting Scissor. It’s made of ice-tempered steel with chromium reinforcement for better quality and long-lasting sharpness.

The Utopia Care scissors are also 6.5 inches long, quite standard size for barber tools when it comes to this basic piece. Make sure that the scissors you’ll buy suits the cutting needs you want to suffice.

2. Clipper

An electronic clipper allows a barber to remove a large chunk of hair in just a few swipes on the scalp of his client. This is an indispensable tool especially for graduated haircuts that require an accurate fading effect. However, it’s important that barbers purchase quality clippers complete with a variety of clip sizes to make it work to their advantage. Securing a back-up clipper is also important to your service keeps going even if the other bogs down.

Remember that the clips will dictate how thin or thick the remaining hair will be. It’s important that you secure a set so you can cover almost all haircut styles. It’s one of the essential barber tools you should have with a spare.

One of the trusted clipper products you can get is the Wahl Color Pro Clipper Set. Aside from the electronic clipper, it comes with a complete of color-coded clips with corresponding sizes so you can easily switch sizes. The best thing about this Wahl clipper is it has a self-sharpening blade made of high-carbon steel blades. It will stay as sharp as new even during regular use. Afro hair types won’t be a big deal on this clipper!

In case you want to level up your clipper experience, you can also check out the Philips Norelco Multi-Groomer set composed of a clipper and 13 attachments. It has a variety of trimming guards that have specific purposes for different hairstyles. The best feature of the Philips Norelco is its DualCut Technology that keeps the blade twice as sharp as other clippers you can find in the market.

3. Razor

Though a scary-looking tool, a barber’s razor is one of the essential barber tools you should have to accentuate a style. It’s important that a choice of a razor is one that’s sharp and long-lasting. Remember, the danger lies more on dull blades than sharp ones. A straight razor is a starter requirement for finishing touches. However, you might need some practice to master using one in the future.

essential barber tools you should have

If you’re looking for a commercial option, I will recommend that you try the Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor. This isn’t your grandpa’s set of gold blades but one made from stainless steel. It has increased rust-fighting feature and an easy to open blade guard. Once you avail this set, you’ll have a box of 100 blades where each one will last one shaving.

This is a safe razor but make sure you squeeze the protector cap to secure the blades well. You can use this razor for beards and scalp hair, but if you’re not satisfied, you can send it back within 30 days. But for such a premium quality, I doubt that this is going to happen.

If you’re not a fan of slippery stainless steel razors, you might as well get the Utopia Care Straight Edge Razor. This bears a black matte finish for better grip and a clean look. Unlike the Professional Equinox’ one-time shave blades, the set of 100 that will come from this brand can be used repeatedly. You’ll also enjoy a comfy shave stroke with the Utopia Care razor as one of the essential barber tools you should have.

4. Comb set

What’s the use of all your razors or scissors if you don’t have a set of comb to tidy up the strands of hair? Using a regular comb will do on amateur haircutting, but if you want to turn it into a business, you should have a set composed of different comb designs. Some barber combs can be as long as 12 inches or as small as four or five. Such varying sizes allow a barber to navigate along the scalp with ease.

A good set will be like the HYOUJIN Black Carbon Professional Comb Set. It’s composed of a cutting comb grip, two clips, salon metal tail comb, wide tooth comb, and a storage pouch. The HYOUJIN set isn’t just one of the typical essential barber tools you should have. Each piece is static and heat resistant so the hair will stay in place even after continuous brushing or combing.

essential barber tools you should have

To pair your comb set with a brush, you should consider the Beard Brush Set. It comes with a grooming brush and a two-edged comb made of bamboo for a clean and sleek look. This set is an excellent addition to your kit especially if you’re grooming beards or you keep on ending up with hair shreds all over your clients’ bust.

The brush on the set has boar bristles for keeping dirt and hair away. The bamboo comb, on the other hand, will help stimulate oil production while massaging the scalp. This is a low-risk purchase since you can send the product back if you’re not happy.

5. Blow Dryer

At some point, beginner barbers tend to focus on the sharp tools alone. They forget some complementary equipment that can make a difference in their service. One of these is a blow dryer which is a staple among women’s salons and spas. This is also necessary for men’s haircut that may include washing and shampooing.

I’m going to admit it, some blow dryers can be really pricey and not an immediate need for some barbers. But having one will make sure that your client walks out of your shop with a fresh feeling and not a sticky, wet look. It’s one of the essential barber tools you should have you simply can’t miss.

One of the best dryers you can find for a reasonable price is the BaByliss PRO Ceramic Xtreme Dryer. It’s a 2,000-watt dryer that’s highly adjustable to prevent heat damage on your client’s hair. The far infrared technology helps regulate the heat for optimal protection of your client’s crowning glory. The BaByliss PRO works for thin and thick hair and won’t wear off easily.

This equipment has a concentration nozzle and a premium AC motor that will last longer than its counterparts.  Its soft-touch housing will also help in maintaining the quality of the buttons over the years.

6. Barber’s Cape

You don’t plan to snip someone’s hair without a cape, right? A barber’s cape is a way to ward off the removed hair from sticking to the neck and body of the person availing the haircut service. It also makes cleaning easier. Someone who’s just starting out in the barber business can use a makeshift cape made of spare cloth. However, this isn’t sewn with straps, unlike the one you can purchase. As one of the essential barber tools you should have, you better get a quality piece.

To save yourself from the hassle, you can purchase one or two of the Salon Sundry Nylon Cape. It has adjustable snap closures that have guaranteed to fit neck sizes from kids to adults. There are also sewn-in loops so you can hang it after washing. Overall, this black cape measures 50 inches x 60 inches.

You can machine wash this durable nylon material after use. It doesn’t stain and the soft material is comfortable to be in contact with the skin. This Salon Sundry cape is just a simple addition but it will complement your blades well.

essential barber tools you should have

7. Barbers Styling Chair

A barber shop wouldn’t be complete without its iconic styling chair. This equipment for haircutting has never gone out of style over the decades and still a staple among barbers. Although the designs evolved from bulky to minimalist, it’s undeniable that having one on your shop will complete the vibe of classic men hairstyling. A barber’s chair has special hydraulics that allows it to be adjusted in height and tilt. This works its function when shaving a beard or styling a shorter client, say, a child.

A reclining styling chair is an excellent choice so the barber can navigate around the neck, chin, and hairline without experiencing strain. Swiveling the chair around will add ease when the barber needs to finish a certain part or angle of the scalp. Honestly, it’s one of the essential barber tools you should have.

You can check out the FlagBeauty Hydraulic Styling Chair. This isn’t the usual upholstered barber’s chair since it has a minimalistic look that fits small shops. It still retains the hydraulic function and the comfort of using high-density foam. FlagBeauty’s styling chair can stay perfectly in place even if put on top of a carpet. By the way, you can get one for half the price of most styling chairs available in the market.

If you are looking for something more unique check out some of the retro barber chairs on offer.

8. Hot Towel Heater

After a long haircutting and styling session, the cherry on top would be a refreshing wipe of a hot towel. Most barbers use makeshift heaters, sometimes utilizing microwaves. Although this works, there are risks like overheating or possible burning the towels of the timer is set improperly.

Investing in equipment that’s made to do the job is an excellent move. This will keep your towels warm plus you can display it on your shop for your clients to see. It somehow adds a fancy vibe to your shop plus pulling a hot towel would be more of an exciting ending to your service.

You wouldn’t go wrong with the Elite Hot Towel Cabinet. It can hold 12 small washcloths while the internal temperature control ensures that the towels won’t be overheated. The heating system doesn’t use bulbs so you’re assured of consistent warmth. But don’t worry, the external part of the cabinet is insulated well to prevent unintended burns.

These I listed here are just some of the essential barber tools you should have. You can get one at a time until you complete your shop with the staples. You’ll surely land more clients and up the ante of your service. Let your blades speak for your work!

8 Barber Tools That Will Produce Suave Haircuts

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