Classic Men Hairstyle Techniques You Can Do

Welcome to the other side of the world – the world of barbering! This is usually just a part of someone’s schedule but now, you’re actually in it. Before jumping off to your next goal, make sure you took a peek of essential barber techniques to know before you start snipping. Now that you have seen the basics, time to step up your game and move on to classic men hairstyle techniques.

Before moving forward to the latest trends when it comes to shaving and snipping, it is best if you have enough knowledge of the classic styles. These are the go-to looks when you are starting out and the best jump start point if you want to cater to more modern hairstyles. On the other hand, these hairstyles will never go out of style! You can never go wrong with these looks – these will suit any kind of lifestyle for any kind of guy. Start mastering these cuts today!

The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is one of the most popular classic men hairstyle techniques and most likely the easiest style to execute. However, before you consider it easy, this timeless style requires mastery. This hairstyle is perfect for long, hot summers. Or, if you want to just try out those new clippers you just bought. Anyhow, your client will prefer this look if he’s not into spending hours in creating the perfect tousled look. The buzz cut is very easy to style and maintain.

classic men hairstyle techniques

Things You Need

Clippers.  A great barber is as only as good as his tools. You might have to restock on tools if they are not at par with how you work. If you are going to do more of classic men hairstyle techniques it’s best to invest in professional-grade equipment. Check out this Oster Classic 76 Clipper. It has the power and durability you need perfect for heavy-duty use. It will set you back only $132.75 – but always remember that a great haircut is priceless.

Clothes Brush. You will need this after the haircut session and many more sessions ahead. No one wants those tiny trimmings of hair anywhere. Try this Kent Handcrafted Clothes Brush made of high-quality hard cherry wood.


Hair that is easy to maintain might require some skin. First, confirm with your client if he is comfortable showing parts of his scalp. Check if he has a healthy scalp (this comes with proper hygiene) and if he is willing to show off his bumps. His ears are exposed all the time with this hairstyle so ask if it’s fine with him too.

If he’s good with all this, time to move of and begin with the buzzing. Use the #3 (3/8 of an inch) or #4 (4/8 of an inch) guard and attach it to your clipper. You don’t want to begin with the #2 if your client does not have any experience with a shorter buzz cut.

Make sure his hair is all dry. Start at the front of the hairline and go all the way to the top until there are no bumps anymore. Always cut in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Do not include the side part of the head.

Once you are done working on the top of the head, proceed to the sides. Use a shorter guard than the one you used for the top of the head. If you used a #3 for the top of the head, use a #2 for the side. Work on the sides using an upward motion and work your way in front of the ear to the back of the ear. Remember, you can move the ear to get through the tighter parts.

You can use the same guard you used for the side of the head for the back. Simply glide your clipper from the bottom to the top of the head and get to all areas evenly. Once you are finished, check all sides of the head for uneven trims and see to it that everything is cut accordingly. Double check the crest area of the head as sometimes, there are stray strands that don’t get included in the cut.

Just like any other classic men hairstyle techniques, get the clothes brush and make sure those pesky little hair trimmings are removed on the head of your client and his clothes.


There are no products needed to maintain a buzz cut. However, if your client uses some for his scalp, that would be better. Simply have your client go back in every 2 -3 weeks to maintain the even length of the hair and keep his look polished.

The French Crop

The French Crop is one of the classiest cuts around perfect for that “just-got-out-bed” look. One of the many classic men hairstyle techniques that are also as easy as it sounds! You can recommend this to clients who prefer an easy look but cannot commit to cutting all his hair. The French crop is also best for men who have receding hairlines or are already getting thinner hair on top of his head.

classic men hairstyle techniques

Things You Need

Clippers. The above-mentioned clippers are perfect for doing the French Crop. You can also try the Wahl Elite Pro Clippers if you cannot spend that much on clippers yet. It comes with a whole set of guards, trimmers, scissors and a comb.

Mousse. Your client will want some volume and a perfect setting after his cut. Try the got2b fat-tastic Instant Collagen Infusion Mousse and bring life back to their dull hair.


Just like the buzz cut, cut the sides using a clipper. You can suggest to your client in using the #3 or #4 as you don’t want too much contrast on the sides and back of the head from the top. Glide the clipper just below the crest area of the head. This should be the standard baseline for all sides of the head. Clip all sides evenly so emphasize the crop later on.

Afterwards, use a fine-toothed comb to part the hair on top and use sharp scissors to cut the hair accordingly towards the front for some fringe. To emphasize the crop, you can leave the top a little longer and the sides and back clipped shorter.

The French crop is the perfect style for any shape of face as you can adjust the cropped length accordingly.


The French crop is supposedly easy to maintain. Your client can go through the day without using any product. On the other hand, they can use a small amount of mousse to tousle the top of their hair and add a little volume before it sets in. They can go back every 2 – 3 weeks to maintain the length of the crop.

Textured Cut With Fringe

Textured cut with a fringe is one of the many classic men hairstyle techniques you can try. If you cannot be all in with the man bun, the man fringe just might do. This can be the kind of fringe that can reach the eyebrows and still look sexy without looking too rugged. This is best for those who have long hair they still want to style and but cannot fully commit to the Tarzan look.

classic men hairstyle techniques

Things You Need

Professional Barber Scissors. If you want to be the barber that has a good reputation under your belt for classic men hairstyle techniques, you have to make sure you have the best cutting tool with you. Splurge on the Barber’s Choice Professional Hair Cutting Barber Scissors made with 420 Japanese Stainless Steel – the name says it all.


The things to consider when getting a textured cut with a fringe are the length, volume, and shape – similar to other classic men hairstyle techniques. The length can be longer if your client is willing to style it every day or looks great with rugged hair; shorter if he doesn’t want to style them. This is a great volumizer for thin hair and can be cut in layers if your client has thick hair. The fringe can be placed in front if he has a longer face structure than usual or on the side if his face is a little wider set.

You have to consider how your client’s hair fall and how much time he is willing to spend every morning styling his hair. This look can be achieved if he already has a good amount of hair on his head to or else the fringe with will not be at its best length.

Simply use the clipper to cut the sides and back – just like the French crop but only make it gradually longer as you get to the crown of the head. Layer the hair to adjust the volume of the fringe. The longer part can be directed in front of the face but should also look great if it falls on the side. Use sharp scissors to trim the layers. Use a fine tooth comb to create those layers for even partition. Be careful to not overdo it as it can damage sharp scissors.

Blow-dry the hair afterwards using a round brush. Finish it by styling the fringe with some mousse or wax to hold the volume together.


Maintaining a textured hair is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Let your client know he can air dry his hair or just blow dry it then apply mousse to create volume. He can use wax to hold the volumized hair for longer periods of time.

The Side Part Haircut

 Nothing says gentleman than this hairstyle. The side part haircut definitely lands on the most classic of all the classic men hairstyle techniques. Despite having to use one or two products, this is the best hairstyle for any professional or someone who just nails the good guy look.

classic men hairstyle techniques

Things You Need

Fine-Toothed Comb. You will need a fine-toothed comb for that sleek hair partition and make sure no stubborn strand stands out. Get the Hyoujin 605 Black Carbon Fine Cutting Comb to do the job.


Get your clippers ready and use the #4 or #5 guard depending on your client’s request. Begin tapering down the sides and the back but leave enough on the crown for parting. Make sure that it’s short at the bottom and it gets longer as you get to the top – this is the same for both the back and the sides.

The crown should have the appropriate length, around an inch or two, that is not as long as the French crop but not as short as the buzz cut. After cutting the hair, simply part it depends on the natural hair growth and divide the hair using a fine-toothed comb.

To set the hair after cutting, simply use a pomade or wax to keep everything in place. The side-part haircut seals the look for someone who has a mustache and beard on.


It is relatively easier to maintain a sleek look than the rugged ones. Just use a pomade to keep everything in place. If you don’t have a go-to pomade yet, the American Crew Pomade will do the trick for you. Rinsing is easy because it is water-based. It also has a high-shine that is perfect for that Mad Men look.

If you prefer your side part a little more into the matte side, get a wax with low shine. The Tigi Bed Head for Men would be the best option you can suggest to your clients. It has a matte finish also adds volume to the hair at the same time.

Some barbers look at men’s hair and think that there’s less to style if there’s less hair. However, once you have mastered the tricks of classic men hairstyle techniques, you will be able to level up into more modern hairstyles. However, modern ones can only last for so long. These classic looks will never get out of style. These looks will get the most requests, too. Become best the barber in town and learn the classics!

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Classic Men Hairstyle Techniques You Can Do

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