Tips and Tricks For Women Going To The Barbershop

Let’s debunk one misconception here: barbering services aren’t exclusive to men alone. Women can also enjoy the service of barbers like the short haircuts and finish they may want to sport. So if you’re asking this question: can women go to the barber for haircuts? You already have the answer.

There are also lots of women barbers styling men’s hair. It’s more than fair to say that women can also offer such service’s if they wish. It’s just a matter of preference and the topic is beyond the superficial gender stereotype. However, for women who will be going to the barber for the first time, it’s important to set realistic expectations.

Barbers can cater requests the same way as your stylists at the salon. However, there are limitations. They might not be the best suit if you’re planning to have a Brazilian blowout for your butt-long hair.

Nevertheless, more and more women are ditching their conventional salons for an edgier and shorter hairstyle. Although there are stories of customers being thrown out of the shop for being a woman, you can still explore this avenue of styling. Just look for the barber that you can rely on beforehand.

Salon hairstylist vs. barber

Before you switch from going to a hairstylist to a barber, make sure that you know their differences. Hairstylists in your regular salon are trained to style long hair types. They are also skilled in different hair treatments like perming, blowouts, coloring, and other treatments usually availed by women. It’s safe to say that hairstylists are prepped to perform styling on women together with the details of the art.

can women go to the barber for haircuts

Meanwhile, barbers are trained to produce shorter haircuts, mostly sported by men. A woman who wants a short haircut can go to a barber as much as a man who wants a long hairstyle can avail the service of a salon. So can women go to the barber for haircuts? Of course, they do.

Remember that if you’re into the “feminine” fashion of haircuts, you might find it hard to achieve it with a barber. Anyway, the true measure of femininity and masculinity of haircuts depends on who wears it. Just make sure that you’re aware of the differences.


Like when you were looking for your first salon to visit, take time to research about barbers doing male haircuts to women. This will give you an idea as to how it works in the styling chair. It can be a bit different than what you’re used to in a salon. It’s important that you get a realistic view of the end result so you won’t end up giving the barber “the look.”

I understand that going to a barbershop is somewhat a stand for feminism, but do your research first. Not all barbershops can accommodate female asking for male haircuts. It’s not always because they are a bunch of discriminating humans. Some barbers aren’t used to handling long hair types and they opt from offering service for women for their customers’ own good. Don’t go berserk right away if the barber says they can’t accommodate you. But beware of any hint of discrimination in the air.

Knowing what you want

Don’t expect the barber to know what you want because they are as clueless as you are. For sure, you would want a short hair, but take note that barbers do “short” haircuts every day. You have to be specific. Know ahead of time what look suits your face shape and what short style you wouldn’t regret in the end. Make sure to think about it at least a few days so you can research more style and contemplate about it. So can women go to the barber for haircuts? Yes, but they have to know what they actually want.

Bringing an inspiration photo will do you and the barber a big favour. However, don’t expect that the result would be a dead ringer with that in the photo. The quality of your hair, as well as your face shape, will play important factors here.

Of course, you can ask suggestions from the barber, but don’t go ballistic if the result is far from what you expected. Again, you have to be specific.

Finding a barber that does the job

Some barbers may claim that they do haircuts for female. However, the result may not always show it. Make sure that, when picking a barber, they have the experience in performing short female haircuts in the past. Reviews don’t lie and it will be your lodestar in finding the barbershop that can accommodate you and satisfy your styling wants. So can women go to the barber for haircuts? Definitely, yes.

can women go to the barber for haircuts

Ask a barber if they’ve already done female haircuts in the past and how it went. If there’s an audible chuckle from one of the barbers, you might want to reconsider. They might be doing it for the money and your hair would be a disaster in the end.

But above all, don’t be too picky. Don’t expect barbershops to do magic and meet all your expectations. Remember that a haircut is a teamwork between the customer and the barber. Make sure that you do your part to achieve the look that you want.

Attention to the products

Barbers use a variety of hair styling products for their male customers. Always keep an eye on this. You don’t want to have pomade or gel all stuffed on your locks, right? Of course, you can request these kinds of products, but if you’re maintaining that “feminine” look, you may want to ditch some of the forming pastes.

Always ask about the products the barber is applying. This will prevent any hair damage on your end, especially if you have certain allergies to chemical products. Anyway, most hair products used on barbershops are water-based and can be rinsed with regular shampoo.

Can women go to the barber for haircuts? You know you’re in an excellent barbershop if they have separate products for women’s hair. Some women tend to have a more brittle crown due to previous styling. Another thing is the scent of their products that can be overpowering for you.

Overall, there’s nothing to worry as some products can be shared by both men and women.

Set an appointment

If you don’t want to wait in line or pay an unexpected visit to the shop, set an appointment with your barber of choice. This will ensure that you’ll be accommodated accordingly plus you can advise ahead about the haircut that you want. By doing this, you allow the barber some time to prepare for the styling session.

However, take note that not all barbershops have an appointment system. Most humble shops would prefer walk-ins since it’s simpler to manage than having to deal with pre-scheduled customers. If that’s the case, you’ll have to wait in line and follow some tips I’ll discuss later on.

If you’re really keen about a scheduled session, you can scout for bigger and more upscale barbershops. Just be prepared because the price might be higher than the traditional barbershops. But you’ll get what you pay for, anyway.

Don’t be intimidated

Barbershops are men’s dungeon. There’s a vibe of masculinity in it that tends to intimidate some women who want to get a short haircut. As a veteran barber puts it, barbershops are the “boy’s club”. It’s basically made for men’s haircut, but women shouldn’t be stopped from availing the same service. So can women go to the barber for haircuts? Yes!

can women go to the barber for haircuts

You don’t have to worry about talking too much since the tough guys you see inside might blabber much more. There’s a reason why the term “barber’s tales” was coined. The barbers love talking as much as their customers. After all, women aren’t just the one doing some pep talk while styling.

It’s just a matter of being confident of your choice. Choosing a shop where you’re most comfortable is key. Your son, father, or boyfriend might have visited a certain barbershop in the past. You can inquire on this one and set an appointment if they accept female customers.

The most experienced barber would know how to make their customers comfortable.

Let your requests be heard

When you’re in the styling chair, it’s not a sin to air your requests and expectations. But proceed calmly and with politeness. Take out the inspiration photo you brought and discuss the style with the barber. Barbers appreciate it when their customers know what they want. It saves them from the dilemma of finding the right style that suits them as well as the worry of not meeting expectations.

But always remember that barbers aren’t magicians. They simply can’t do everything you want in just one session. You’re paying for one haircut and not a dozen. Make sure that you don’t throw a barrage of requests one after the other. You might annoy the barber and build a negative impression. So can women go to the barber for haircuts? Yes, but always practice moderation on your demands.

Be realistic about what you want. If it’s your first time, do your homework, research about the looks, and let the barber know. They can also add their inputs. In the end, you’ll just hope for the best.

Clean those locks

So you have this long hair that you want to be trimmed down to a moderate buzz. Even though those clumps of hair would be removed, show up with fresh and clean locks. Avoid using any styling products so the barber won’t have a hard time combing your tresses. Large chunks of your hair will go to the trash, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to show up with soiled and sticky hair. There would be lots of combing that will happen before it will actually be removed.

If you have an affinity to hair pastes, you might want to take a day off. Many barbershops don’t do shampooing before the haircut. You might be subjected to forceful combing and yanking from the barber if you show up with heavy products on your hair.

You may not want to learn the lesson the hard way. Besides, soiled hair is a guaranteed way to put the barber in a bad mood.

Eyes on the queue

Barbershops with a long queue speak much about its reliability and quality of service. Can women go to the barber for haircuts? Yes, but when you’re in line, always be alert especially if you’re the next one to sit on the styling chair. There are other women waiting in line for their boyfriends, son, or friends. Some guys might mistake you for one and you’ll be cut your turn. Once the last customer is done, be jumpy enough to walk your way to the barber’s spot. It’s a good thing if you have an appointment, but if there’s none, you have to watch your spot on the queue.

can women go to the barber for haircuts

Bring a lot of patience when waiting in line on a barbershop. Customers can get really packed and it might take an hour or two before you get your turn.

While you wait in line, make sure that you have cash in your pocket. Small and old barbershops may not accept credit cards. You’ll be subjected to the hassle and the barber won’t like it either.

Be a good tipper

If you’re satisfied with the haircut the barber did, be a good tipper. This is your way of thanking the barber for doing a good job on your tresses and for accommodating you. Most likely, the barber will spend more time cutting and styling your hair compared to their regular customers. It’s a hassle they are willing to take for the sake of client relations so be conscientious enough and tip well.

When tipping, always remember the golden rule. You hand it to the barber, not the receptionist. If you give it to the latter, you’re tipping the wrong person. It’s a little moment of defeat for most barbers who spent hours standing on their feet.

Can women go to the barber for haircuts? Of course, they can! Barbershops are evolving and debunking old myths about their service. If you want to sport a short and edgy haircut, all you have to do is to scout for the right shop on your locality. Short hair is a statement!

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Tips and Tricks For Women Going To The Barbershop

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