Types of Haircuts That Will Hide Your Real Age

Did you know that by cutting your hair properly, you can also cut some years off your face? This visual trick is actually making a trend among men, with their barbers exploring different techniques to achieve the best haircut for men who want to look younger. It’s not as simple as plain styling, the barber has to make sure the look complements the face. The haircut should give a younger vibe and not a more mature look.

If you’re going to look at the not-so-young Hollywood actors, you’ll wonder how they keep looking at least 10 years younger. Medical intervention might have something to do with it, but their hair is also a make-or-break part. Just imagine Tom Cruise on a very thin crew cut. It would likely make him look like a tired dad and not the charming guy girls admire.

So if you also want to make your hair work its magic on your face, you should know what cut to ask your barber about. The stylist can advise but it helps a lot if you know what matches your face.

Here, I listed some of the tried and tested haircuts that will make you look younger plus some added tips to keep you looking dapper than your age.

1. The Side Part-Comb Back Style

If you’ve observed George Clooney’s style lately, you’ll realize how his side part-comb back haircut makes him look impeccable despite his age. As the best haircut for men who want to look younger, it has a very slight resemblance to a pompadour but in a mild manner. This style is usually dyed with a salt and pepper color or anything that will pair with the beard. There’s a slight parting happening here but not as much as how the undercut goes. For men above 60 years old, this is easy to achieve and maintain.

best haircut for men who want to look younger

2. The Wavy Cut with Beard

Those with thinning hair will benefit the most on this young-looking wavy cut with beard style. The wavy texture of the hair will mellow down your facial features and it’s best colored with a blend of black or gray. Make sure to have the sides and back look swept so you’ll portray a clean and relaxed look. This wavy cut is an excellent option for those older guys who want to maintain an edgy vibe. However, it has to be paired with a sizeable beard for more suave.

3. The Short and Spiky Style

Have you seen Matt LeBlanc’s hairstyle? This is the perfect example of the short and spiky look that simply hides the years off your face. Keeping it thin will save you from looking like an old man trying to look like a grade-schooler. The cut should have a flat-box look at the top and the sides are clean cut. This short and spiky thing actually started in the military and has been a trend ever since. Besides, it’s the easiest and the best haircut for men who want to look younger with low maintenance.

4. The Brushed Back

If you have a wavy but bit thin hair, having a brushed back haircut would be an excellent choice. The waves are a bit tousled to hide a receding hairline or to trick the eye for the person to have a fuller lock of hair. All you have to do is to leave a handsome length on the sides and brush back the top using a diffuser. This can get tricky on the start but it will look elegant once you get used to it. Take it from Matthew McCounaghey.

5. The Messy Chops

A person with a thin hair (but not an extreme crew cut) can do this hairstyle in just a few minutes. This includes applying a hair paste or any cream that won’t make your hair look wet or sticky. While the hair is still damp, brush the thin hair forward while avoiding making it look like a comb-over. This will help in hiding a receding hairline without doing much styling. Making the hair look a bit tousled will seal the deal.

6. The Side Part Slick

A side part slick is something guys with thin hair should be careful about. Don’t get me wrong, those who have thinning locks can still do this. Just avoid using very thick hair cream that will flatten the hair and show your scalp even more. Choose a light gel and then brush your hair sideways (but not too much) for a clean look. Keeping your hair strands in a loose manner using a hairspray is key here. You can also pair this hairstyle with a thin but well-kept beard. If done well, this can be the best haircut for men who want to look younger.

best haircut for men who want to look younger

7. The Trim Flip Trick

This trim flip trick works best for those who have a thinning top but sides with a handsome amount of hair. By trimming the sides closed to a buzzed look (not extremely buzzed), you’ll achieve symmetry and a clean look. Such thing will highlight the thick chunk of hair in front so your locks look full. You can also do a little comb-over on top for a hiding effect for a thin patch. Make sure that you use a light cream that won’t weigh down the hairstyle.

8. The Thin and Tight

If your crowning glory is really hopeless in the thickness department, you can exploit the thin and tight hairstyle. There’s no use of doing comb-overs just to hide your thinning sides. What you have to do is shave the sides with a fading effect as it goes to the top. It’s basically inspired by the graduated haircut but in a thinner style. This will make your top look thicker by diffusing the attention from the sides. It’s a risky choice but worth it if you’re looking for the best haircut for men who want to look younger.

9. The Longish Comb Over

The longish comb-over is a great trick to hide someone else’s receding hairline. However, you should possess long tresses to make this effective. It’s simply tousling the hair so it will look naturally misplaced (but not awkward or messy) without doing a comb-over. Like the cream or gel you used earlier, prefer one that will dry after a few minutes. Remember that pressing your hair to the scalp is the sabotaging part of this hairstyle.

10. The Clean and Neat Gray

If you don’t want to dye your gray and long hair, the clean and neat gray style will be your go-to technique. This will anchor on your hairline, receding or not (yes, you’re reading it right) by brushing the hair in a mid-sideway and backward manner. Although it highlights your hairline, it gives a professional and charming look to your face. This is best paired with a well-kept beard. Take note that this might not work well for people with big foreheads.

11. The Tamed Undercut

The undercut is the hairstyle of youngsters, but it can also be the best haircut for men who want to look younger. Cut the sides thin and maintain an average volume on top. Avoid too much height on the top part since you’ll look like a trying hard old folk. Just retain an amount of hair enough to be brushed back mildly but not in a full pompadour. This will make you look clean while making your face appear thinner. Reminder: this one is for old guys who still have a thick crown.

12. The Long Undercut

If you’re a fashionable person who wants a little punk edge, the long undercut style would be the best. However, this isn’t for everyone as it can make you look like a grandpa trying to be a skater boy. You can shave one side of your head and then brush the long locks in a sideway-backward manner. A long beard is quite a requirement for this hairstyle to maintain the edgy look.

best haircut for men who want to look younger

13.The Messy Razor Cut

For old folks with thick locks, the messy razor cut is an easy choice. Although it’s easy to do and maintain, trimming the sides should be done with care. It looks like a variation of pompadour and the long top. After sculpting the sides, a little trim on the top will make the entire crown complementing. It’s important to keep the top a bit long so you can tousle it and make it look intentionally messy. This razor cut style can stand alone without a beard. It’s the best haircut for men who want to look younger with a clean look.

Tips To Keep The Years Off Your Face

1. Keep a well-kept shave

Since some of these haircuts can be paired with a beard, make sure that you keep it well. The thickness will vary depending on your face. It’s important that you avoid making it look rugged unless it complements your face well. Take time to trim and sculpt it if need be.

2. Long ponytail isn’t for everyone

Although ponytail hairstyles can be a choice for old men, it’s not for everyone. It can look good for some but it can also make other folks look old and dirty. You can try this at some point if you have a long hair and then change if it doesn’t suit you. Picking the hairstyle that will make you look younger is a matter of trial and error. Just be careful with very thin options!

3. Don’t stick to the pompadour

If you have thick hair, trying pompadour from time to time can be fine. However, you should think twice if you have a receding hairline or a big forehead. Pompadours give a clean and impeccable look to a guy but it will make you look like a grandpa if you fail to do it right. Don’t be afraid to explore and try new cuts to know what the best haircut for men who want to look younger is.

4. The bulk is no longer your thing

Putting too much bulk on your crown area is no longer a thing for old folks. Keep it thin but with a handsome volume enough to make you look fresh. Don’t overdo the brush up especially if you have thin locks. Always trim the excess volume of hair and stick to a sleek haircut if you can. Don’t get me wrong, long and bulk hairstyles can also do well on shaving years off your appearance. Anyway, always proceed with caution.

best haircut for men who want to look younger

5. Color your gray

If you have very gray locks, you might want to consider toning it down a bit. Color it with a mix of black or a darker shade of gray. You don’t have to color it with pitch black; you only have to keep it low key. Too much silver on your crown will add more years to your face. The rule of thumb for guys close to having a platinum crown is the blend of salt and pepper with a darker shade.

6. Ask your barber

If you’re undecided about what the best haircut for men who want to look younger is, you can always heed the advice of your trusted barber. Of all the people you can ask about it, the stylists are the most knowledgeable and most likely to give justice to what you want to achieve. They can also suggest looks that match the shape of your face. You can also ask them for some tips on maintaining the style and what to avoid if you want to look younger.

7. Pay for a reliable “manscape”

Remember the trite saying, “you get what you pay for”? This is exactly what you should keep in mind if you want to look better and younger. A total manscape will cost some money but it will make you look good. Pay to have a good shave or an excellent haircut. Treat your look as an investment as you grow older.

The best haircut for men who want to look younger depends on the shape of your face as well as the condition of your crowning glory. Asking some advice from your barber will make the process easier. Don’t be afraid to explore, but always proceed with caution to avoid over-styling or over-cutting your hair.

Types of Haircuts That Will Hide Your Real Age

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