10 Beard Grooming Kits For Barbers For A Slick Finish

Aside from cutting and styling men’s hair, barbers are also tasked to groom the beard of their customers. Full-fledged barbers are usually trained to do this, unlike traditional ones that can only cut and shampoo. It’s important to note that beard grooming requires a different set of equipment and products than haircutting and styling. So if you’re a new barber, it’s pressing that you get a beard grooming kit for barbers even before you accept a customer.

A barber has a choice to not offer this kind of service. However, it gives your shop a selling factor since customers wouldn’t need to look for a separate stylist. Having someone step out of your shop completely groomed is every barber’s pride.

So should you use your hairstyling creams and waxes on the beard? If you said yes, you’ll need some “bearducation”, my friend. Facial hair is quite more sensitive than that found in the crown. It requires a different set of equipment and products to smoothly shave and maintain the grown stubble.

1. Rapid Beard Grooming Kit For Men

From brush, to comb, and products, the Rapid Beard Grooming Kit for Men is complete and ready to use upon unboxing. It can be used to tame frizzy beard and even in styling mustaches of your customers. It comes with a boar bristle brush, a dedicated stainless steel barber beard shears, beard butter, and beard conditioner oil.

The balm leave-in wax (beard butter) on this package has softening properties but a superior hold for styling. It’s fragrance-free so it’s unlikely that your customers would find it overpowering or pungent. If you avail their limited offer, you’re going to find three bottles here: a beard wash, a beard moisturiser, and beard oil for finishing.

beard grooming kit for barbers

Overall, it’s an exquisite kit for every man, barber or not, who keeps a handsome volume of facial hair. It will keep the beard soft and safe from the risk of dandruff. The surprising fact about the Rapid Beard set is it can also be used on the hair. For approximately $30, this beard grooming kit for barbers is something you would wish you have.

2. XIKEZAN Beard Care Trimming and Grooming Kit

If you want more for your beard grooming kit, I suggest that you check out the XIKEZAN Beard Care Trimming and Grooming Kit. It’s a luxurious set composed of a boar bristle brush, wooden comb, beard balm, beard oil, trimming scissors, and free e-book guide on styling a beard. The products here are unscented and perfect for use on your barbering service. Both the oil and balm are packed in natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, and more.

This set will help tame coarse beard and moustache. Once you apply the balm or oil, the beard will be easier to shape and groom. This set is perfect for any kind of beard even those with a very lush manly mane. You don’t have to worry about your customers having an acne breakout due to the products because those are purely natural and safe for sensitive skin.

In case you’re planning to use it on a daily basis, you might want to stock up with the balm since it’s a bit small in amount. It’s the best beard grooming kit for barbers.

3. Seven Potions Beard Grooming Kit

The Seven Potions Beard Grooming Kit is something you would want to have if you’re looking for a humble beard kit. It comes with a beard shampoo so you can rinse your customer’s beard before styling as well as a small bottle of beard oil for conditioning. There’s also a boar bristle brush so you can shape up the beard without forcing the strands.

The good thing about Seven Potions is they skipped the cheesy marketing ploys other kits tend to have. It’s a very straightforward set composed of the staples for every beard grooming service. Although the oil and shampoo have a faint scent, it’s not intrusive and just mild enough to keep someone’s beard fresh. There are users who tend to smell it with the resemblance to turpentine, but it’s not a deal breaker anyway. Besides, the smell will wear off after a few minutes from this beard grooming kit for barbers.

The Seven Potions set isn’t as large as the first two I’ve listed but it made the basics right. It’s a little expensive too but worth every buck.

beard grooming kit for barbers

4. Beardsley in the Box Beard Grooming Kit

So you want to be the master beard groomer? Having the Beardsley in the Box Beard Grooming Kit is the first step to achieving this skill. It’s a kit composed of five different beard grooming and styling products. It has two shampoos (wild berry and cantaloupe scents), lotion, conditioner, and oil. Take note that most of these are scented with the lotion bearing the Bay Rum aroma. This is a good choice if you want to make your customers’ beards soft and fragrant.

These five products act as a detangler, hydrator, tamer, and cleanser for any kind of beard. Those with very frizzy manly manes would be treated to this toolkit of products. It’s made in the USA and formulated to work on almost all types of moustache and beards.

By using the Beardsley set, you’re going to give your customers a beard spa like no other. It’s the best choice for long beards that are quite a pain to manage. For about 50 bucks, this beard grooming kit for barbers is all yours to flaunt on the shop.

5. DapperGanger Beard Kit

A beard kit in tow? Go buy the DapperGanger Beard Kit. It comes in a small canvas bag you can easily pull out when a bearded customer comes in. The set has a comb and trimming scissors as well as three beard products namely a beard wash, oil, and balm. The best part about the DapperGanger kit is that the products come in full bottles so you’ll have more for a small price. It’s a perfect choice for barbershops that constantly groom beards and moustaches.

The products have a scent that the manufacturer describes as “delicious”. It’s most likely a combination of berry and fruit scents the same way as what you’ll find in other products. There are berry extract ingredients which reveals a bit about the odor.

beard grooming kit for barbers

The comb on this set is made of metal which isn’t the favourite among beard styling. But aside from that, I can’t see any deal breaker for this beard grooming kit for barbers especially if you want one already kept in a canvas bag.

6. Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit

The Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit comes in a classic wooden cigar box and contains three styling products and a wooden comb. It has a beard shampoo, oil, and balm plus a free bear soap for the body. All these are made with organic ingredients and are scented in case you’re wondering. It’s also packed with essential oils that give off a mild therapeutic effect.

Users describe the scent as “manly” which your customers would love. It’s not the perfumey type that can be a bit too much to bear since it’s going to be applied near the nose. The oil doesn’t make the beard too greasy and just enough to keep it soft and moisturised.

The Maison Lambert is almost a perfect set except that it doesn’t come with a brush. Anyway, you’ll get a free beer body soap that you can use for yourself. Purchasing a boar bristle brush isn’t that much taxing since you’ll be using it on grooming the hair as well.

The Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit sets are pricier with several different versions available to purchase but for the money you know you are getting very good quality if you ask me.

7. ZEUS Beard Grooming Kit

To level up your game in the beard grooming service, you should check out the ZEUS Beard Grooming Kit. It doesn’t come with any scissors or comb, but it’s a massive set of products that will add value to your service. It comes with a shampoo, conditioner, balm, and oil in just one box. These are packed in natural ingredients and is paired altogether so you can have a product from the conditioning up to the finishing.

The shampoo and conditioner on the ZEUS beard grooming kit for barbers come in large tubes for enough supply for dozens of customers. The balm and beard oil is a bit smaller in amount but it can last a substantial number of beard grooming sessions.

beard grooming kit for barbers

This ZEUS set can be availed in three different scents namely sandalwood, vanilla rum, and verbena lime. If you don’t know what your customers will like, you can get the three and have them choose during the session. Take note that each set comes in the same scent and you simply can’t get one with an assorted flavour.

8. Mountaineer Brand Beard Grooming Kit

The Mountaineer Brand Beard Grooming Kit will give you the handmade goodness of West Virginia. It’s a combination of timber balm, oil, and shampoo. There’s also an oval, military-styled bristled brush for styling. All these come in a burlap bag that adds to the country and all-natural vibe. It’s a standard kit with everything you need in it.

The only downside on this beard grooming kit for barbers is that the products come in fairly small containers. But the consolation here is you’re assured that no artificial chemicals added to your styling products. Also, the scent of the oil, shampoo, and balm are woodsy for a masculine touch. You might also pick up some berry hints on it since there are natural extracts added to the products.

In case you encounter problems like a broke oil bottle, the seller is more than willing to replace it right away. Some buyers were sent an entire kit due to a leaking oil bottle. Aside from the excellent customer relations, the products are versatile and can be used for goatees, beards, and moustaches.

9. Grave Before Shave Beard Grooming Pack

If you want an edgy set of beard oil, balm, and shampoo, you should check out the Grave Before Shave Set. It also comes with a pure boar bristle brush with a bamboo handle. It’s a beard care pack that comes in a bay rum scent and can be yours for approximately $50.

The shampoo on this beard grooming kit for barbers is packed with argan oil that will keep the beard soft and hydrated. Although it’s basically marketed for beard use, the shampoo has ingredients suited for any type of hair. And with the old-school barbershop scent, this will take your customers back in time.

beard grooming kit for barbers

The oil, on the other hand, will help reduce the risk of dandruff and flaking on the skin beneath the beard. It will lubricate the strands without giving a very greasy feeling. Aside from the bay rum scent, there’s also a hint of coconut in it.

Lastly, the balm is packed with natural kinds of butter and oils that will tame even the frizziest of all beards.

10. Wizard Beard Grooming Set

Ready to be a beard wizard? The Wizard Beard Grooming Set is a humble introduction to beard styling. It comes with two products: beard wax and beard oil. There’s also a double edge comb and a boar bristle brush for easy styling of beards that come in different thickness. It’s a simple set will do the job the way it should be.

Take note, you’ll get a wax and not a balm. This gives a strong hold on the beard especially if your customer wants to have their beards to be right in place. The natural wax is made of shea butter, argan oil, emu oil, and vitamin E to revitalize the facial hair and the skin beneath it.

Getting a beard grooming kit for barbers isn’t just for the professional stylists. Those maintaining their manly mane at home would also love a commercial quality set of products that they only see in shops and salons. What do you think about this? Let us know below!

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10 Beard Grooming Kits For Barbers For A Slick Finish

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